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News About Plant Medicine

The discoveries and developments of  plants as medicine are not new.  Plants properties as a healing agents are rapidly being re-discovered. With the increase in acceptance, education is an essential aspect of this rapidly growing and reemerging industry; both the history and the future!


We created a healing salve with the best organic ingredients, plant medicine, and essentials oils to address concerns of inflamation, nerve pain, muscle aches and various skin disorders.


While there are many ways to use  herbs, ingesting has perhaps the strongest potential for both good and bad. Understanding how plants effect the body and how best to use them is a first step in deciding how this might be appropriate for you.

Educational classes and private consults ongoing!

Education 1:1 and classes

We believe in education as the corner pin of the developing plant medicine industry. Herbology is not a lost art, and we humans have an innate connection to our own health, healing, happiness and comfort through plants. How we understand the use of powerful plants is the first step in using responsibly and effectively for your particular needs.  

About Us

We have developed this company for both education and product development. Coming from the generations in which plant medicine can be considered dangerous, taboo, mysterious, and disregarded as a viable and potent healingwe have studied and confronted our stigmas and created a new understanding that comes from education, study and experimentation. We are compassionate and excited to share our discoveries and test the bounds of our judgements.


We have tested and developed formulas that address some of the more common problems we see around us. We promote products that are easy to use, utilize the whole, fresh plant and are created with a consciousness towards health, healing and a relationship with the natural world .

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