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Education is our first passion and we like to hold hands! Plants are  not new as a medicine but, may be new to many individuals like you! 

Here at Black Cat Medicinals, we have researched, experimented and create formulas to address common ailments, like sleep difficulties. pain management, inflammation, skin disorders, anxiety, PMS and menopause... We are excited to share our discoveries and to help you develop your healing relationship with plants. We are committed to creating plant infused formulas that are gentle and effective for everyone. We are all individuals so part of the educational experience is to learn what is right for you and your body's need, We love talking with individuals about their personal experience with cannabis, healing old stories and embracing plant medicine and the gifts of the natural world,...not to mention finding relief from what ails you!! 


Please don't hesitate to

Providing you with the latest information and healing formulas


Kim's background in education and homeopathy compels her to explore new ideas and understand the diverse uses of plants. She enjoys exploring new formulas, researching strains and integrating the properties of plants with her knowledge of other natural medicinals.

She can be found harvesting elderberry flowers in the spring, berries in the fall, hiking the Sierras, playing chemist in her kitchen, tending and harvesting plants in her garden and enthusiastically exploring new and creative ways to understand our place in the natural world.

Kim  likes to grow many useful plants in her own garden for use in the products featured here. She even completed a certification in Cannabis Fundamentals which included history, botany, social issues, terpenes, and other science-y stuff!  

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