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Salves, Chapsticks  & Tinctures

There's our chapstick (0023) hanging out at the Emerald Cup 2016!

Salves, Chapstick and Tinctures

We have researched and created ta powerful and effective salve. Its the favorite formulas of all our customers!

Our goal was a product that is smooth and delightful and maybe even a little addicting because who doesn't like to lather their body with something  that is both good for you and feels wonderful on your skin! We recommend this for any application from massage to achy muscles and it is completely appropriate for any skin disorder that needs a little TLC. We add a touch of essential oils of lavender and peppermint to create a more soothing aroma and a little odor masking of the magical herb it contains. we also have added Juniper oil and Rosemary for their amazing healing powers. 

We like to use our very own high CBD strain of cannabis and we like a salve that contains the whole plant, not just an extract - Its a little more time intensive but the result is a highly effective, well rounded formulas with all the amazing cannabis terpenes and cannabanoids in tact..This formula is great for those who need a little more anti inflammatory medicine and a little extra skin healing. 

We created a Chapstick with the same recipe as our classic salve. Why? Because who doesn't love a really great feeling chapstick that heals those precious puckers! This is really where we discovered how addicting the feel is! Coldsores? sunburn? You need this!


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