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Product Reviews

We have helped many people understand the powerful nature of this versatile plant.

Sleep issues have been a big focus and we have had great results! 

We have coached customers into the use of  sleep cookies and/or tea on a regular basis for a good sound night's sleep. 

Muscle tension or inflammation from an injury or overuse can be effectively helped by regular use of our cannabis infused salves. We formulate our salves to include essential oils as well as high CBD flower and organic high quality oils to create the highest opportunity for effective topical medicine. We have perfected our salves to be not just high in healing ingredients, but smooth feeling, with a mild, pleasant smell...because all our senses are important elements of wellness! 

Skin disorders are so common as this, our largest organ, is susceptible to environmental impact as well as how the body expresses what is happening internally. Our salves and chapsticks have only the purest ingredients, we use no chemicals or fillers or preservatives and we use organic ingredients, especially plant matter! Sunburns, rashes, herpes, coldsores, abrasions, psoriasis, eczema, bug bites, poison oak,...all these conditions can benefit from the regular use of our salves and chapsticks and lotions.

PMS and cramping is area of discomfort for so many women. We have found cannabis products can be incredibly and instantly relieving. Ingested, cannabis has a very healing effect on conditions of inflammation while the THC is a great pain masker. Another discovery we made was the application of cannabis infused salves vaginally can be an almost instant relief to period cramping! Another very good reason to be focused on clean, organic products!

"I got your product (topical) through a friend, after having hand surgery. I didn't want to take pain pills, and I thought, " I'll give it a try" I love it!! It helps so much with the pain. I love the aroma of it, not too strong that everybody else can smell it. Thank You." M.R.
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